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"I have been a facial enthusiast consistently foregoing a massage anytime for a good facial instead.  In all my years, no esthetician has ever rivaled Judi on any level. From her kindness, smooth relaxing voice, to her knowledge of skincare, understanding each client’s skin, having an array of the most revolutionary non-invasive miracle machines and of course, to her most high quality products. 

My favorites I never skimp on are the Oxygen infusion and the Stem cell serum with infusion.  I buy the stem cell serum as well for my fridge and apply daily, it’s incredible. When you leave a facial with Judi, you feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and your skin looks amazing for not one day or two, but until you see her next! I’ve never had results like that before. Ever.  I couldn’t recommend a facial or esthetician more highly than I do Judi!"     

- Drorit P.


 "I’ve been going to Judi for my facials for many years now. She’s the kindest, most patient and attentive esthetician I’ve ever met.  Judi is extremely knowledgeable, innovative and constantly evolving in her approach and technique, customizing every facial depending on present condition and needs.  My facials, quite frankly are pretty amazing! I’ve never felt better and more confident about the way I look! THANK YOU Judi!"

- Jose B.


"Judi Bradley is a skincare treasure. With her treatments, my skin has never looked better, glowing, plumped and moist. She combines cutting edge technology with pure organic products. After one of my monthly visits to her calming space in Ventura, I often look in the mirror and think, “I can't believe my skin!”  

- June S.


"I feel very grateful that I was introduced to Judi. She is an absolutely amazing and talented facialist!

Judi is super professional and offers all of the latest technology and quality products, in a pristine and relaxing environment.  She gears her facials to individual needs and goes above and beyond with her peaceful treatments to leave you with glowing skin!

I appreciated her guidance when I asked about product recommendations, and I have been very pleased with any purchases I have made.   Judi is honestly one of the kindest persons I have ever met and is a true "gem" of a facialist and a human being!"

- Kathy K.


"My skin has never been better thanks to Judi and her expertise and care...I can visibly see the difference when I leave!  Extreme pampering by Judi....the best....xoxox"

- Diana N.


"The experience you will have with Judi is a rare and beautiful thing from start to finish.   Such care and thoughtfulness goes into your physical and emotional comfort during your sessions that it is impossible to not immediately relax and enjoy the moment.  She is so skillful, so gentle, and beyond all else, you can feel her care in her touch.  (And her arm massages are out of this world!!!).  Judi really listens to you and wants to know what your goals are with your sessions; you will know that she is deeply invested in you, and your health and beauty!  Every recommended product I have ever gotten from her I have loved; she knows just what my skin needs!!  Honestly, facials have always seemed like a luxury to me, but after experiencing one with Judi and especially seeing the results, I now consider my sessions with her to be an essential part of my health care."

- Andi K.


“Judi Bradley’s facials are a dream! Her knowledge of skincare is unparalleled. She tailors her facials to her clients’ particular needs and the results are amazing! My skin has never looked so vibrant and hydrated. She continually explores new and innovative techniques to keep her clients healthy and young. Her products are heavenly.  Judi is a gem!”

- Andrea S. 


"I was lucky enough to be Judi’s first client at her garden spa! She has created a beautiful and peaceful space and with the wind blowing lightly and the fountain running, I thought I was in Hawaii!  I hope she keeps this option even after she returns to her studio, although I am sure it is more work for her.  I am looking forward to my next visit!"      

- Muffie G.


"Judi is the best! Her facials are the most luxurious and wonderful treatments. She loves what she does and she makes you feel so special. She really knows about skincare and will answer any questions you might have about your skin. Her manner is so calming and relaxing that you will love the experience."    

 - Della M. 


"Judi is truly the best! She not only pampers me, but teaches me all about skincare and my specific needs. My skin has never looked or felt better. Her facials are pure bliss. I leave refreshed, relaxed and glowing. I can’t wait for my next facial! Thank you Judi!"

- Amy H.


"Just wanted to share with you all how much I enjoyed my garden spa facial! I have known Judi for a long time and treasure her as a valued friend! Her facials have always been a very special treat! Now my husband and I go regularly and our skin has never looked better! We are getting older and to have Judi in our life has been wonderful!  Her presence and skills are amazing!  I always feel like I am floating when I leave! Lindy M. "

- Lindy M. 


"My wife gave me gift certificate for a facial with Judi. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured that it would be a relaxing way to spend some time.  It turned out to be an amazing 60 minutes of nonstop pampering, most of it spent with my eyes closed and beautiful music soothing my ears.  At the end, my skin looked and felt 10 years younger, I was delightfully relaxed and feeling very grateful that my wife had arranged for wonderful experience.  I’ve been back to Judi many times since then and continue to appreciate what she does in her gentle and knowledgeable style. She’s the best! "

- Larry M. 


"Judi is exceptional and I have been her client for 20 years.  She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced about skin care treatments, products and the latest technology.  Judi makes me feel so comfortable and peaceful as soon as I step into her clean, cute, friendly and welcoming place. I love my skin because she has worked on helping me through different seasons of live as I continue to age.  She also has helped my teenage daughter through her skin issues.  I highly recommend Judi for any age and she can meet your skin goals.  Judi has given me several options for products and educating me on different types of skin care products.  She does extensive research on all her products that she uses.  Once you have her magical hands giving you a facial, you will not want to go anywhere else.  She is fantastic and the BEST in her field."   

- Gina C.


"Judi is an absolute treasure! She creates the most luxurious environment and makes sure you feel special and taken care of.  Her knowledge of what you and your skin needs is always appreciated.  I leave feeling, and looking, revived every time, and always look forward to my next appointment." 

- Erin C.


"This facial was the most relaxing, soothing, and simply amazing experience I have ever had. All the sounds and smells made you feel like you were on another planet. During the facial, I was at the best state of mind I had been in, ever.  Also, Judi is very nice and is very insightful on how to best take care of your skin. As a fourteen-year-old, skincare can be a tricky thing to deal with, but thanks to Judi, my skin has never been better. I would HIGHLY recommend that you should treat yourself to a facial."

- Hayley H.


"I have always loved having a facial from you! Although I am just a kid, Judi treats me just like a respected client and always gives me the best experience! I get so calm when she starts the facial, I feel like I want to fall asleep. My skin always feels and looks amazing when she is done! Every single person in the world deserves to have a facial by Judi! I love her facials so much!!!!!!"

- Anya K.